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My favourite sandwich!

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Primary second graders are studying food in our English class.

Our last project was to create a real sandwich made of plasticine. They decided what their favourite ingredients are and then they presented their sandwich project to the class.


TIK TOK Teacher 

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Unes alumnes de 2nB ens ensenyen aquest projecte que es fa des de la matèria d'ANGLÈS i es diu "TIKTOK TEACHER FOR A DAY".
Es tracta de fer una explicació de dos temps verbals concrets: el PRESENT SIMPLE i el PRESENT CONTINUOUS d'una manera diferent, més activa i engrescadora. Abans d'arribar a gravar el vídeo els alumnes han fet sessions intenses on s'ha investigat sobre el tema i s´han hagut de fer exercicis de consolidació.

Body parts at the playground.

2nd graders are studying the body and its parts. In order to practise the writing, they went to the playground to create real models on the floor with a piece of chalk. In pairs they draw the silhouette of the body on the playground floor and they wrote all the parts of the body that they have learnt. It was fun. They really had a great time. Learning English is awesome!